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  1. Excellent work! I dread to think how long you spent in front of the disassembly. This should make understanding SimAntics a lot easier.

    Cant wait to patch my copy and have a play.

  2. Hi I would like to ask with development as it is currently going what timeframe do you have in mind for the project to go to the next stage. I apoligise for asking I been following all of this since the old tsor forums which I joined. Thank You

  3. Does anyone know where I can find and download the latest version of EA-Land, or how to use this with The Sims Complete Collection (Yes, I still have that)?

  4. I’ve got the sims online installed to my pc (not PD/Niotso) but the real tso and im wondering how i update it to latest EA-LAND. And I Have The PD(Project Dollhouse) And Niotso GitHub Reprositories,but how do i get the game to work? because everytime i try to login to an account it says

    “Couldn’t connect”
    -connection refused!

    How Do I Work It? Im So Confused.

    • The games been closed for YEARS. What do you think this is? o.o
      It’s not going to work because the servers are gone, therefore there’s nothing to connect to.

      • So?
        NIOTSO and PD will attempt to bring it back!
        I am hosting a free server from the start of the Tech Previews : I will make a client soon.
        The server will be open to all so you can…
        Well, the Tech Preview is… making Sims.
        That’s about it.
        :S Well, It’ll be open to all.
        SEE YAS.

  5. I am so glad niotso and afr0games are still working hard to bring back TSO.
    No matter how much time passes, I desire to play this game more than any other.
    Something about this game touched my heart in the biggest way.
    If I have to wait years to play it, I will wait patiently.
    Thank you :)

  6. This is amazing news, and it’s great to see progress on the project. I would love to see more videos or demonstrations of progress so far though. Nonetheless, well done and I’m looking forward to finally being able to play TSO again!

  7. I have been following the progress of NIOTSO since it started. In 2008 I played TSO, today I try to download it, as shown here, to have it installed when NIOTSO start, but when I get the login window classic TSO TSO and the Client as shown in the photos in this web. Something and installed, a patch has been provided or something. I’m Spanish and I can hardly understand English, so, please ask them to tell me what steps I have to follow in addition to lowering the installer and install it as usual. This is my computer installing TSO last week:

    • Hello, there is no visible progress yet, sorry. Please wait for Tech Preview 1, which should come out hopefully at the end of summer 2013.

  8. Hi, It’s Xezno (I’m working on the Tool, Fatbag)
    I now understand most of NIOTSO
    I estimate the release to be until August – September(GO SEPTEMBER!) 2013
    The Tool will be finished soon.
    My comment is
    PWAAHAHAHAHAHA they included it in TSO!!!
    What fools!
    With out it, there would be no NIOTSO!!!
    Thanks there, EA Games!

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