Niotso is the “New Implementation of The Sims Online”.

This project serves as a learning experience to all C++ programmers. Our purpose is to let curious individuals discover the routes to making a fully fledged game powered by quality, sustainable code. The end product will not be limited to Windows as the original was, but available to Windows, Mac OS X, and desktop Linux, in as native of a manner as possible.

All under a free software license, client and server alike.


There are no official download links at this time.

It’s worth mentioning that, if you haven’t already done so, you should obtain the TSO trial bundle from EA themselves as soon as possible, while they’re still hosting it, and store it for safe keeping. (Windows users / Everyone else) These files are required for getting Niotso to work. Read more here.


Mailing List

Sign up to the Niotso mailing list to receive emails when the development phase changes (e.g. we progress from alpha->beta) and therefore new tester slots are open. Keep in mind that slots for testers prior to stress testing are limited and given out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For more information, read the Release Schedule and keep yourself updated.


IRC Channel

Discussion is open every day at the #Niotso channel on hackint. (Webchat) Encrypting your connection with SSL or SSL+Tor is highly encouraged.

For a simple, graphical, cross-platform IRC client, try one of Quassel, Smuxi, Pidgin, ChatZilla, Thunderbird, or HexChat.

(We would use FreeNode to host this channel, but there “proprietary game software modding” is considered off-topic.)