23 comments on “Summer 2012 status update

  1. Great update. Don’t know what half of it means but it still sounds great. Keep up the great work. Hope you did good on your AP tests. Full steam ahead!!

  2. Great!Great!Great!Great!Great!Great!Great!Great!Great!
    You’re amazing and thanks for posting this and you can make favor for all TSO fans?
    You can post updates when your finish all this plans?

    “Set up the audio engine to supply contexts for sounds with an upper barrier of say 16 playable sounds at a time, with some reserved for background music and stinger music. Each game tick, the volumes of all sounds are updated, and if a sound has finished fading out, it will be destroyed and have its handle distributed back into the pool.
    Set up the OpenGL windowing system. I cannot stress enough how much of a chore this is for OpenGL ES if we want to support smartphones.
    Set up the UIS parser and start implementing support for all controls; the toughest one is going to be the selectable text box.
    Transition from the login screen to the select-a-sim screen, and fully replicate the create-a-sim tool, with a rendering of the Sim on the left panel. It is known that the create-a-sim tool in The Sims 1 and The Sims Online does not make use of scene lighting (discovered after altering the light files in The Sims 1 and experimenting).
    Read all of the necessary data from the original game installation, rather than in the temporary pre-extracted form.
    Port the frontend to X11 for complete support for Linux. The frontend is very separate from the internals of the game engine, so this should not be an issue. Mac is a different story because it’s hard to set it up in a virtual machine.
    Release Niotso Technical Preview 1, and transition into the Pre-Alpha development phase (yes, right now we are still in Planning).”

    I’m waiting for AP test xD

  3. Nice work, great update! Good to see continued progress. BTW, Captain Smith, that avatar is the best in-game, always been my favorite head. Cheers.

  4. Niotso team, you are freakin awesome :D
    awesome update looking forward to pictures showing off the game.

  5. We can talk about our memories of the sims online, what we would first like to do as NIOTSO playable and discuss the progress of NIOTSO. It certainly does not a great forum, but to me it seems very useful.


  6. This is the best thing i’ve ever read. Thank you so much for working on this and making this a possibility!

  7. This is exciting news. I’ll definitely sign up for the beta account when the time comes. Wow, I still can’t believe how diligent you are with this game. Your dedication is impressive. Even though the release is far away, it will be worth the wait when the time comes. I believe there are enough fans who really want this game revived.

  8. Hey,

    Is there any way I can drop you an email, i’m very interested and would be willing to help out. I’m a web designer / 3D artist. More than happy to contribute to this project for free of course!
    Or simply drop me an email,

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