15 comments on “My thoughts on third-party help

  1. I was hoping Nicholas was still around. He did amazing work on TSO Restoration. I don’t remember if you and Nicholas worked together in the past. If my memorey serves me correct he came to TSOR late in the game, was it before or after Johnathan threw you under the bus? (The bus should of hit Johnathan instead.) I hope you and Nicholas can work together. I think the two of you would make a great Team!!

    Full Steam Ahead!!

  2. I, too, was hoping that Nicholas would be around. He was quite a speedy worker. I also liked that he was very adamant about letting us be in the know. :)

      • lol, think the interviews a trap?, never know when EA might try to bite back because where always getting one step closer to restoring the game and Lord knows they don’t want that cus of there precious “Sims Social” XD

  3. Go back to where you came from (e.g. TS3). X-Fi kicked Nicholas and others off, since he wanted to keep it a personal project. Nicholas was saying that this will get legal attention from EA if it continues to drag the TSO community around like a dead horse.

    • You know, I do sure hope so!
      I haven’t been on the news for quite some time, I feel like nobody knows I even exist! I really could use some attention for my project, and I’m sure X-Fi6 agrees.

        • That was sarcasm.
          Honestly though, having EA try to sue me or run any kind of trial against me would have been interesting (and kind of funny), because what I’m doing isn’t illegal in Norway (at all), and unless they managed to get me extradited, they’d have to run the trial here.

  4. Awesome, we have faith in you, man. I just read about this today, and am excited that someone is trying to revive one of the most unique games/communities I’ve ever seen. It would make so many people very happy indeed! Good luck to you mate, Keep it up and persevere!

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